Multi-million pound deal is legal firm's largest ever litigation case

Experts at a Telford law firm have successfully challenged a will to secure a multi-million pound payout for their client – and charity’s the winner too.

The team at Martin-Kaye Solicitors, in Euston Way, said the claim was the largest litigation case the firm had ever dealt with financially, and they were delighted with the result.

Solicitor Mohammed Ahsan said the claim arose when the client’s mother died, leaving her entire £13 million estate to unnamed animal welfare charities.

“Previously my client’s mother had created a will saying her entire estate would be left to my client, but in the 10 years before her death, she created seven different wills leaving different sums of money to different people.

“Her final will instructed that she wanted all her money to go to the unnamed animal charities, but my client wanted to challenge it as she believed her mother had mental health problems.”

The Martin-Kaye team proceeded to build up a case to demonstrate that the client’s mother had lacked mental capacity, including obtaining reports from leading psychiatry experts, and taking previous legal cases into consideration.

“It was particularly bizarre that the client’s mother had decided to leave the bulk of the estate to animal charities, despite previously not showing any concern for animals, and so the case was scheduled for a two-week trial at The Royal Courts of Justice,” said Ahsan.

“But we agreed to enter into mediation with the Attorney General at the International Dispute Resolution Centre in London and now, thanks to our team’s hard work, our client will receive around £8 million of the estate.

“The remaining £5 million will be paid to charities, but as part of the settlement, our client will be able to choose which five animal charities to nominate, with each receiving around £1 million.

“This is of course an excellent result for my client as they will now receive a substantial inheritance, so they are extremely pleased with how things have turned out, but it’s also great news for the animal welfare charities too.

“At Martin-Kaye, we’re always keen to use our mediation skills whenever possible rather than dragging a case through the courts, so to have achieved such a fantastic result for everyone involved is a real success for our team.”


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