Fixed Fee Tariff

Here we set out our current guide to fixed fees for specific work undertaken. All figures quoted are subject to Martin Kaye’s eligibility criteria which will be assessed at the outset in each individual case.  Please contact us for further details.

Dealing with undefended divorce as a petitioner


Plus VAT & Court fees

Undefended divorce as respondent


Plus VAT

Financial Consent Order within divorce proceedings (where agreed terms & no financial disclosure) £850 + Cour Fees Plus VAT

Separation agreements


Plus VAT

Change of name deed


Plus VAT

Definition of marital status

£100.00 (single)

£150 plus VAT (both)

Plus VAT

Co-habitation agreement

(where agreed terms & no financial disclosure)


Plus VAT

Financial issues are usually the area which causes the most anxiety during the course of a relationship breakdown. We can at least remove the worry of unexpected legal fees. Our fixed fee charging structure is broken down into a number of stages:

Stage 1

Compiling and exchanging financial disclosure and dealing with all matters leading to a negotiated settlement

£2,500 plus VAT

Stage 2

Where a negotiated settlement is not possible following stage 1 thereafter drafting an appropriate Application to the Court for a financial remedy completing all necessary forms and dealing with all legal and procedural matters up to the first preliminary appointment at Court.

£2,500 (£2,000 where we have advised at step 1) plus VAT

Stage 3

Following stage 2 progressing the matter to a financial dispute resolution hearing - this is a "hands on" hearing with a Judge where both parties explore the possibility of reaching a settlement

£3,000 plus VAT

Stage 4

Following stage 3 - Final hearing - this takes place if agreement cannot be reached and includes full representation and completion of all legal documents

£3,500 plus VAT


Please note that Martin Kaye do not deal with Public Funded cases (previously known as Legal Aid)