Court rules information must be destroyed

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Confidential company information stored on computers and electronic devices must be destroyed if an employee moves to a new job.

That’s the decision from the High Court, which has now made a destruction order for the very first time.

The injunction ordered that any information belonging to the former employer must be deleted as the court felt such strong action was justified – particularly as the former employee had admitted using their employer’s confidential information and the evidence showed they could not be trusted to delete the material themselves.

It’s vital that employers should include a clause in company contracts to protect themselves from employees who may be tempted to retain information and use it elsewhere.

The contract should require any employee who leaves to “irretrievably delete any information relating to the business” stored on any electronic device, computer or memory stick.

If you have such a clause in place, this could also help influence any future court decision in your favour and lead to them making a destruction order to protect your business.