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Cohabitation Agreements

More people are choosing to live together, or, ‘cohabit’ than ever before. Although many cohabiting couples believe that they have the protection of ‘common law’ rights that are equivalent to married couples, it often comes as a shock that they do not and such a concept does not even exist under English law.

At Martin Kaye Solicitors, we believe in explaining the pitfalls and the methods by which you can avoid them at the start of your relationship. This can be invaluable to both parties as it will avoid expensive legal arguments and heartache later on if things don’t work out.

We can draft an agreement for you which sets out clearly what will happen to any properties and assets, the debts and anything else you need to deal with, so that everybody is sure where they stand from the outset. We appreciate that it is hard enough dealing with the heartbreak of a separation, without arguing about material things as well.

Our family team are experienced in this area and would be happy to advise and prepare a suitable cohabitation agreement.

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