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You usually need a solicitor in times of distress or during life-changing events – so for many people, you'll only need our services on rare occasions. Of course, that's all the more reason to make sure you're impressed.

Our expertise

Take a look at the summary of our services in this section and you’ll find the name of a lawyer to contact for each topic.
You can also find out more about the lawyers you’ll be working with in ‘Our Team’.

The Services for People that we provide


Trouble at work creates a most stressful situation. This is often made worse because of the feeling of isolation when faced with disciplinary or work related issues.


When you suffer a life changing event like relationship breakdown or worse still divorce it is vital you have someone who will listen as well as providing legal support.


Our main aim is to resolve disputes. Wherever possible our preferred route is to try to keep our clients out of court by addressing the disputed issues between the parties.

Personal injury

If you have suffered personal injury whether as a result of a road traffic incident, accident at work or in a public place, or other accidental injury you may be eligible for compensation.

Residential property

For most of us our home is our castle, so is it any wonder that the whole process of moving house can cause so much stress and anxiety?

Wills & probate

We can offer the whole range of private client services including Wills, probate and administration of estates, powers of attorney, family trusts, tax and retirement planning.