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Children disputes

When parents separate, it is a difficult time for everyone involved, especially for the children. Their lives and future will be changed from that very moment, but it does not have to be a hostile or disturbing experience for them.

At Martin Kaye Solicitors, our team of family lawyers work hard to help separated parents reach mutual agreements as to living arrangements for the children involved, in an amicable and non-confrontational manner. We promote a co-parenting approach wherever possible. This will nearly always be in the best interest of the child or children and will ensure that both parents feel equally involved in the arrangement overall. It is important to remember that any personal feelings or resentment between the parents at the time of separation, should not be projected onto the children and they should not be used as ‘tools’ to be held against the other parent as leverage. This can be extremely damaging for the emotional and mental health of a child.

In some cases, it is inevitable that an application will need to be made to the Court under the Children Act 1989, and the Court will always consider the welfare of the child as its paramount consideration when deciding whether an Order is appropriate. The types of Order which we can apply for are:

  • Child arrangements order to ‘ live with’ or to ‘spend time with’
  • Specific issue orders – for instance, a dispute as to where the child should go to school, or what religion he/she should follow
  • Prohibited steps order – for instance, to prevent one parent from taking a certain course of action in respect of the child, e.g. the removal of the child from the jurisdiction or from their particular school
  • Parental responsibility orders – applicable to give a father full parental rights or responsibilities where the father of the child was not married to the mother, and the child’s birth was registered prior to 1st December 2003


We have specialist expertise in dealing with this area of work. We can advise you on the most appropriate application for you to make in your circumstances and will prepare the necessary paperwork, as well as ensuring that you are represented at court hearings.

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