Building & Construction Disputes

Such disputes should be avoided but when they do arise it is essential your representatives understand the complex contractual obligations which exist between contractors, sub-contractors, developers and professionals.  Any dispute arising between these parties can be expensive.  We have considerable experience in these areas and are able to provide clear advice and an early strategy with a view to resolving the dispute or if necessary moving quickly to litigation.

Our experience includes:

  • Contractual disputes
  • Defective materials or work
  • Environmental issues
  • Warranty dispute
  • Delay
  • Repudiation

We will always review with you the best way to resolve the dispute whether it be through ADR such as mediation, arbitration or adjudication.  We are also familiar with the Pre-Action Protocol for construction and engineering disputes.

For more information please contact Andrew Oranjuik on 01952 566919 or via email