Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is an  alternative to formal Court proceedings. Using ADR at the right time can have the advantage of reaching a quick  settlement with less costs.

The most common form of ADR is mediation where the parties voluntarily agree to engage an independent third party mediator who will be legally qualified or will have specific skills in the area of dispute.  The process is carefully managed and is one which has successfully resolved many disputes with which we have been involved in recent years.  We have successfully used mediation in a wide range of disputes including partnership, shareholder, professional negligence and breach of contract.

Mediation is not the only form of ADR which also includes:

  • Expert determination
  • Arbitration
  • Adjudication
  • Early neutral evaluation

Our commercial litigation team is skilled in applying the most appropriate ADR option at the right time and in conjunction with your own objectives and will find the fastest and most cost effective route to resolving your dispute.

For more information please contact Graham Davies on 01952 525939 or via email or Andrew Oranjuik on 01952 566919 or via email.