Employment Law Training

In the field of HR you have to get it right, every time.

Employment law is a minefield - there's a big difference between theory and practice and as more and more regulation is introduced even the most experienced HR managers and business owners find they need the reassurance of expert legal advice.

At times, being an employer or manager is a lonely position to be in. It's down to you to keep the show on the road no matter what challenges come your way - in short, in HR you have to get it right, every time.

Our partner-led team of experienced lawyers have extensive and wide-ranging knowledge of employment law and how to apply it in practice. Our training programme is designed to pro-actively help businesses understand and apply legislation rather than just dealing with the outcomes if things don't go well.

We will also tailor the training programme to fit with your particular needs and in conjunction with this will agree timing and length of presentation.

So why not let us help you address the challenges – give us a call to discuss a bespoke employment law training package for your business or visit the Alpha HR website.

For more information please contact John Mehtam on 01952 566928 or via email.