Domestic violence

We understand that swift decisive action needs to be taken if domestic violence occurs and a member of our team will be available at short notice to discuss your difficulties and, if necessary, to assist you to apply to the court for an order for your protection.

If you are married or living together as a couple then you may be able to apply to the court for an injunction. Such an order can stop your partner harassing or assaulting you or the children (known as a "non-molestation order") and can make your partner leave the house (known as an "occupation order").

We will be able to guide you as to which orders you should be applying for. If we are able to obtain an order for you, then we can ask the court in certain circumstances to attach a power of arrest. This will enable a police officer to arrest your partner if there is any breach of the order.

In addition to considering taking court action, we have strong links with the local Police Domestic Violence Team, the local Housing Office and the Women's Refuge and hope we can help you to take the first practical steps towards re-building your life.

For more information please contact call 01952 525915 or via email.