Financial disputes

We recognise that dealing with financial issues can be one of the most stressful parts of a divorce and we pride ourselves upon taking a constructive and pro-active approach.

The court has total discretion in dividing the financial assets of a marriage, although the paramount consideration will be the welfare of any children.

The court must also consider such factors as the financial resources of you and your spouse and your respective financial needs for the future.  Other factors to take into account are the respective contributions made during the marriage, any lost opportunities as a result of the divorce, the length of the marriage, and any relevant conduct or other circumstances.

This is a complex area, and we have an experienced team to ensure that your interests are properly and fairly represented.

We will guide you through negotiations in order to try and reach a settlement, and if necessary we will also issue court proceedings, if matters cannot be resolved through negotiations.  Our aim is always to resolve matters as speedily and as efficiently as possible.

At Martin-Kaye we can provide advice on all types of cases, whatever the value of the assets. We have a particular expertise in dealing with high value assets and matrimonial disputes where businesses are involved, foreign assets and assets tied up in trusts. In this respect we liaise closely with our commercial department to ensure that our advice is tailored to you.

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