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30 years of expertise

Succession & strategic planning

Succession planning is one of the key factors in ensuring the long-term survival of your business. Preparing your organisation for change now will minimise potential problems in the future.

 Unfortunately, so many owners are so caught up in the day to day operation of their businesses that they do not have the time to think about succession planning until it is too late. If a vital member of staff dies or leaves they are left wondering how the void can be filled.

The impact on your business can be damaging. It can lose direction, service standards dip, customers leave, staff morale drop or your investors or financiers become nervous. In extreme cases some businesses have closed, and remained closed, after the loss of one key individual.

Whatever you chose to do, don’t leave it to the last minute! Speak to one of our lawyers for a free consultation and get the wheels in motion. We are able to help you develop your succession planning by

  • Assessing where your business is at now
  • Identifying key goals for the succession process
  • Setting a timetable for the transitional change and
  • Preparing a contingency plan in case the unforeseen happens

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